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In the first of my blog pieces for Sage Institute of Fitness, we take a look at something essential for you personally, to live well and achieve fulfilment in your life – something that is essential if you are to motivate and positively influence your client. I’m talking about purpose.

Having a sense of purpose is huge. It’s massive. It’s possibly the one determining factor dividing those who’ll make changes for the long haul and those that’ll fall away. Purpose is much more powerful than any new fitness regime or fancy trending diet. It’s more powerful than sheer grit and determination.

Purpose is deeper than that.

“Purpose is at the very essence of our being. It boils down to that nagging question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point, “why am I here?” Or, “what’s the point of all of this?” And, at the end of the day, “what will the sum of my efforts amount to?””

Some lucky guys and girls have been gifted with a natural sense of purpose. Or, to put it another way, for whatever reason, they have easily found their passion, their motivation, their drive. They’re the ones that seem to spring out of bed in the morning and get to it. They know what they want. They know what makes them happy. Obstacles are just things to jump over – and look good while doing it!

For those with purpose, obstacles are not a reason to stay in bed all day.

Over the years, I’ve watched people both struggle and succeed with their health and fitness regimes. Some people don’t know why they want to get fit. There’s no deep motivation behind it. They join a gym, they follow a diet, and for a short time, they do as they’re told. But before long, some reason conveniently pops up and gives them an excuse for an out.

Their work timetable changes. They get an injury. They don’t like their instructor.

Back to the couch.

The ones that truly succeed have had a deeper reason for change. They see the bigger picture. Instead of feeling unmotivated, aimless and unsure, those with purpose have passion and direction. And this passion, this purpose is bigger than them. This is what allows them to see the bigger picture.

Consequently, these people do things differently: they sit outside themselves and see things objectively. For example, it doesn’t always feel great to get up at 6:00am and head out for a run if it’s cold outside. But when you consider the bigger picture, it’s a piece of cake.

Here’s the thing: you can have more than one purpose in life. You might have a purpose around work achievement, or being a good parent or life partner. For me, professionally speaking, I find great purpose in helping others. Making a difference to other people’s lives is enormously rewarding – more so than counting the number of reps I can pump, or kilometres I can run. That’s great, but it’s not the greatest.

I love being able to watch people transform; physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually, by challenging themselves in ways that take them beyond their comfort zone. These guys bravely walk into the unfamiliar. They allow themselves to confront a world where they are forced to vanquish their demons.

Commando Steve, Get Pumped with Purpose - Sage Institute of Fitness

“It really is a privilege to watch people transform like this, and it’s incredibly fulfilling for me. By making a difference to others, I make the biggest difference to myself. It gives me the most satisfaction. And with that satisfaction comes a sense of fulfilment.”

So step outside yourself. Find out what it is that motivates you. Find out what it is that drives you. Find out how you can best connect with or help others. Whatever it is, once you find that clarity of purpose, your road to health and well-being will be that much easier – and a path you stay on for a lifetime, not just a short while.

Sage Institute of Fitness – it’s more than a job, it’s a rewarding career.

Commando Steve

Commando Steve

With his signature black T-shirt and combat fatigues Steve Willis (or Commando Steve as he is better known) has become one of Australia’s most recognised and respected Fitness Experts. The ex-military man’s incorporation of skills learnt in the Army, partnered with the principles of CrossFit form his own unique style of training - ‘Get Commando Fit’. He lives by a simple motto: there are no excuses. Commando Steve has appeared as a trainer since series Two of Channel Ten’s hit show, ‘Australia’s Biggest Loser’. Is the author of three books 2010 No Excuses by Random House, January 2015 Get Commando Fit and April 2015 Get Commando Fit cookbook, with Hachette Publishing. In August 2014, Commando Steve and his team of experts launched the first Mission of GetCommandoFit online program, a 13 week online health and fitness program. In November 2015 Steve and the KIT team launched his KIT active wear range.
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