Fitness Coach vs. Personal Trainer: why Sage Institute’s Diploma of Fitness Coaching gives you the edge

Starting a career in the fitness industry is one epically smart move. Employment prospects are high, career options are endless, there’s flexible hours, great people to meet and excellent money to be made. But with so many fitness related job titles out there, how do you know which to aim for?

Fitness Coach vs. Personal Trainer: why Sage Institute’s Diploma of Fitness Coaching gives you the edge - Sage Institute of Fitness

There’s Gym Instructor, Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer (PT), Fitness Instructor, Fitness Coach…the list goes on. Hard to tell one from the other, right?

So let’s make this clear, there’s a big difference between a Personal Trainer and a Fitness Coach. Becoming a Fitness Coach gives you so much more and a real edge out in the industry. Let’s have a look how.

Personal Trainer vs. Fitness Coach: what’s the difference?

A Personal Trainer helps someone with their fitness program. They allocate and supervise exercises, making the appropriate corrections and modifications, and look after their clients from week to week.

A Fitness Coach’s responsibility is far more comprehensive, long term – and interesting. Like a Personal Trainer, they help clients with their exercises and technique, but in addition, they give clients all the support, guidance and motivation they need to keep them on track. They also provide advanced fitness assessments, fitness programming, and nutrition planning and advice aimed at supporting their clients through their different life stages.

A Fitness Coach helps transform not only the person’s body, but their complete mindset and attitude. It’s exciting, life-changing, motivating stuff, and if you choose the right course, you could be part of it!

Consequently, a Fitness Coach’s training is more advanced, technical and longer in duration than a course aimed at qualifying graduates as Personal Trainers.  An accredited Fitness Coaching program will typically take over 12 months to complete, whereas some personal training courses take as little as 6 to 12 weeks. Fitness Coaching also involves substantial real-world work experience in the fitness environment. On-campus, face-to-face learning is simply a must, and cannot be replaced by online learning, which is the main mode of learning in some personal training courses.

For a great summary of the differences between a Fitness Coach and a Personal Trainer, see the “compare the pair” diagram below.

Fitness coach vs. Personal Trainer diagram

The Sage Diploma of Fitness Coaching

Do you want to make a great start to your fitness career? It’s easy. Here’s how: choose a fitness course that will make you stand out from the crowd and give you serious advantages over your competitors. The Sage Diploma of Fitness Coaching is a one-of-a-kind course in Australia, and it’s the only one offering such comprehensive knowledge, skills and training as a Fitness Coach.

With a Sage Diploma of Fitness Coaching, you’ll be able to design, instigate and modify long-term exercise programs and nutritional plans to improve the performance of your clients. You’ll work with clients on a long-term basis and help them achieve their fitness training and health goals, not just dish out exercises like a Personal Trainer. By empowering an individual to stay on track, a Fitness Coach can make a profound difference to someone’s life.

Qualified Fitness Coaches also have the competency to provide exercise and health programs for clients with special needs, such as those with injuries or chronic conditions, or for the elderly and children. You’ll be able to work one-on-one or lead people on a group basis. A Sage Diploma of Fitness Coaching qualification is transferable too, so it is recognised across Australia and even overseas.

In addition, you’ll learn all the essentials about running your own business, such as finding your business niche, managing your finances, all about e-marketing and sales, and much more…

Its satisfying stuff. Choosing to enrol in Sage’s Diploma of Fitness Coaching may just be the beginning of your brilliant new career!

Sage’s Fitness Diploma qualifies you as both Personal Trainer and a Fitness Coach

Below are the learning clusters covered with the Sage Diploma of Fitness Coaching:

  • Sage’s Fitness Diploma qualifies you as both Personal Trainer and a Fitness CoachInduction to the Fitness Industry
  • Screening your Client
  • Informing your Programming
  • Functional Anatomy and Physiology
  • Human Biomechanics
  • Movement Analysis
  • Nutrition for Everyday Living
  • Nutrition for Performance
  • Myofascial Slings
  • Mobility, Flexibility and Activation Concepts
  • Fitness Coaching Concepts and Tools
  • Fitness Coaching for Behavioural Change
  • Injury Management Concepts
  • Advanced Fitness Testing and Conditioning
  • Business Opportunities in Fitness
  • Fitness Finances
  • Fitness e-marketing
  • Fitness Sales
  • The Professional Fitness Coach

If you think this sounds awesome, you’re not alone. To make sure you are a leader in the fitness game, jump the queue and enrol in the Sage Diploma of Fitness Coaching today. Call 1300 664 664.

Sage Institute of Fitness – it’s more than a job, it’s a rewarding career.

Vicki Richardson

Vicki Richardson

Vicki Richardson is both the Director of Human Resources and the Director of Advertising and Marketing at Sage. She oversees and directs a large team of employees, plans and devises all advertising and marketing campaigns, manages brand ambassadors, and develops and manages B2B relationships with industry partners. Vicki lists helping Sage Institute become the number one educator in the fitness, massage, child-care and aged-care fields as her biggest achievement. She is passionate about work-life balance and is thrilled to see Sage graduates go on to be successful in their chosen careers.
Vicki Richardson

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