Sage appoints its first Sage Student Ambassador – Sharni Blyth

Sharni Blyth Sage Ambassador - Sage Institute of FitnessDrum roll please! We are excited to announce our very first Sage Student Ambassador…Sharni Blyth (Instagram: @thefirstblondie). Sharni is a Sage Institute of Fitness student based in Melbourne and is going to be your connection to all things social and exciting that is happening at Sage Fitness.  With 54,000 followers on Instagram (yes, that’s right folks, 54,000!), Sharni is certainly no stranger to the world of social media.  Sharni has loads of experience in keeping her loyal crowd updated on her activities, Sage Institute of Fitness journey and general fitness advice.

To find out more about Sharni and her world, we asked her a few questions…

1.     What was your motivation for doing a Diploma of Fitness Coaching (10067NAT) at Sage?

I originally did a Bachelor of Nursing, and then started working in aged care. I always had a passion for the health industry, and enjoyed being active.  While working, I was still going to the gym but I wasn’t training as much as I am today. I still work in aged care, but I just found my heart just wasn’t “all in” for a career in nursing.  With fitness, I am doing what I love.  This is what I do outside work, so I thought why not incorporate that into my everyday life and do something that I love every day?

2.     What aspects of studying at Sage do you enjoy the most?

I like a bit of everything really.  I don’t mind the theory and I really like the training. Getting to know new people, getting to train them, and train me is really fun!  Hanging out with people that have the same passion is great – the fitness team have become like family.

What aspects of studying at Sage do you enjoy the most? - Sage Institute of Fitness

Sharni (centre left, standing) with other Sage Fitness students

3.     What’s the ‘dream job’ you’re hoping to pursue when you’ve finished your course?

My dream job would be to run my own business, focusing on female body transformation – running boot camps, circuit training and having my own studio just for women.

4.     What are some of the biggest learning challenges you’ve come across during your course?

To believe more in myself and have more confidence.  I’m glad to say that it’s working!

5.     What do you enjoy most about working with fitness clients?

I just like seeing them happy; the end result and seeing their progress.  That makes me very happy!

6.     Where are you at currently with the course?

I am currently on placement and I’m shadowing with a trainer. I’m also helping with the small group circuits – sometimes my host gets delayed so he makes me do the warm-ups. Being thrown in at the deep end is the best way to learn!

7.     What advice would you give a new student commencing their course at Sage?

To keep going and just to push through. If you’re having trouble always ask for help. If you can’t speak to your teacher, ask another student for assistance. Keep pushing. Persistence pays off.

8.     Tell us about your hobbies

I (obviously) like to keep fit, whether it is out walking, running or walking the dog. I love to cook, especially healthy foods. And I guess just relaxing, chilling with friends, going to a movie, eating. Don’t we all?

Tell us about your hobbies - Sage Institute of Fitness

Fun times with Sage Fitness!

9.     If you could be blessed with a superpower, what would it be?

To fly, I think. I’m short and I could fly up to the shelf to reach things!  Also I could miss out on all the traffic…

10.     Who provides you with inspiration and why?

My mum, definitely. She is just a lady of will power, she never gives up and that’s why she inspires me.

11.     Tell us about your Instagram page

My Instagram page is a bit out there! I have 54,000 followers and I think that most people like to see my journey about me becoming a fitness coach.  I like to post regularly about what I’m doing in my life whether it be in the gym or out with friends. I’m a very open person, so I snap and post!

People message me about the different workouts that I’ve been doing. Sometimes they ask for help, like someone just asked for advice on doing a weighted squat; how do I place my feet? I get asked questions like, what is your diet like? What is your favourite cheat meal?  I don’t mind and I am always happy to help people out.

Sharni selfie - Sage Institute of Fitness

Sharni selfie style!

12.     Who do you follow on Instagram and why?

I follow a girl called Lauren Simpson. She was doing fitness modelling but she is also a powerlifter.  She says that even skinny girls can lift heavy weights.  She posts up workouts and all her gym clothes and food and nutrition.  I find that inspiring because if she can do it, I can do it too.

13.     Tell us in one word, when YOU grow old, what would you like to be?

Happy. (Doing something I love and surrounded by people that love me for who I am. That’s not one word, but oh well.)

14.   What does it mean being chosen for the Sage Fitness Student Ambassador role?

The Sage Fitness Student Ambassador role means a lot to me. To be chosen out of so many eligible students makes me really, really happy and excited! It gives me that extra little push to try harder in everything I do at Sage. I feel that I can be a good role model for other people – if they see me doing better, they might be inspired to be better too.

Sage Institute of Fitness – it’s more than a job, it’s a rewarding career.

Vicki Richardson

Vicki Richardson

Vicki Richardson is both the Director of Human Resources and the Director of Advertising and Marketing at Sage. She oversees and directs a large team of employees, plans and devises all advertising and marketing campaigns, manages brand ambassadors, and develops and manages B2B relationships with industry partners. Vicki lists helping Sage Institute become the number one educator in the fitness, massage, child-care and aged-care fields as her biggest achievement. She is passionate about work-life balance and is thrilled to see Sage graduates go on to be successful in their chosen careers.
Vicki Richardson

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