The Sage Diploma of Fitness Coaching: satisfying the demands of today’s fitness clients

Teaching exercise is no longer enough. Today’s fitness clients want more. They want nutritional advice, goal setting and lifestyle mentoring for a better level of fitness, quality of life and overall well-being. That’s why Sage has introduced the new Diploma of Fitness Coaching (10067NAT) – a comprehensive course that embraces the needs of today’s clientele.

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Study after study has revealed that diet plays a crucial role in weight loss. It’s widely recognised that cardio and weights are just not enough, a fact that is influencing people’s choice when selecting a gym program – and their fitness coach.

It’s no surprise then, that the new breed of fitness instructors wants to capitalise on this demand and is keen to adopt the title of “fitness coach” and learn what it takes to keep the modern fitness client smiling. Given the ways of supply and demand, this seems a natural progression. The only problem is that most fitness graduates are not qualified to perform this role.

Enter Sage’s Diploma of Fitness Coaching program, the first of its kind in Australia. Seeking to address this worldwide industry trend, Sage is arming its graduates with everything they need to provide top class fitness coaching for the requirements of the industry today.

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In 2013, business research firm IBISWorld produced a specialised report about the fitness industry which provided some insights into trends in consumer needs:

consumers are more likely to incorporate nutritional advice when combined with a training program, where targets are specific and incorporate fitness goals.”

(Magner, L., IBISWorld, Industry Report OD4195 Personal Trainers in Australia, 2013)

Sage’s Diploma of Fitness Coaching (10067NAT) was designed specifically to address this trend.

How is a Fitness Coach different from a Personal Trainer?

There are many differences between a personal trainer and a fitness coach.  In short, if you become a Fitness Coach, your education will have been far more thorough. You’ll be given the skills and knowledge to work closely with your clients over the long-term, helping them achieve not just their fitness but their health, nutritional and well-being goals. You’ll have more advanced first aid qualifications, be able to deliver more advanced fitness programs and of course, provide comprehensive nutrition plans to clients. Plus, you’ll be able to work with special needs groups, such as those with injuries, chronic conditions, or children and the elderly.

Fitness Coaching Diploma: what does it involve?

Technically speaking, “A fitness coach demonstrates the skills and knowledge required to design, facilitate and adapt long-term exercise programs and nutritional plans to improve the movement performance of a range of clients. Fitness coaches work with clients on a regular, long-term basis to assist and empower them to set and achieve long-term training goals to achieve the overall wellness and quality of life.”

Simply put, this means you’ll be able to:

  • Fitness Coaching Diploma: what does it involve? - Sage Institute of Fitnesscreate the right type of exercise programs for your clients
  • have the know-how to teach these programs to your clients correctly
  • when required, adapt (modify) exercises if a client cannot manage a certain routine or exercise
  • give people general nutritional plans
  • work with your clients on a long-term basis
  • help clients meet their training goals, and improve their well-being and quality of life

There are 14 units that must be completed to graduate with the Sage Diploma of Fitness Coaching (10067NAT). This comprehensive program is delivered on campus, face-to-face over a period of at least 12 months. You’ll also be required to complete a minimum of 120 hours of workplace experience. It’s no weekend qualification – it’s a challenging course with top class instruction. And when you graduate, you’ll be armed with all the skills and knowledge you need to rise like cream to the top.

If you like the idea of a long, prosperous and rewarding career in the fitness industry, this course is for you. Sage is the only provider in Australia to provide this industry-leading diploma course, with material that promises you the very best start for your career.

Find out more about Sage Diploma of Fitness Coaching here, or contact one of our careers advisors on 1300 664 664.

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Vicki Richardson

Vicki Richardson

Vicki Richardson is both the Director of Human Resources and the Director of Advertising and Marketing at Sage. She oversees and directs a large team of employees, plans and devises all advertising and marketing campaigns, manages brand ambassadors, and develops and manages B2B relationships with industry partners. Vicki lists helping Sage Institute become the number one educator in the fitness, massage, child-care and aged-care fields as her biggest achievement. She is passionate about work-life balance and is thrilled to see Sage graduates go on to be successful in their chosen careers.
Vicki Richardson

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