Want a career in the fitness industry? Here’s what you can look forward to!

If you’re looking for a career that’s fun, flexible and financially rewarding, working in the Fitness industry could be just the job for you! There are countless opportunities for a fantastic career in Fitness today and for the more entrepreneurial types, there’s lots of potential for you to start your own business too.

There’s no such thing as a typical career path in Fitness – everyone finds their own way and writes their own story – but these are some of the most popular options you could choose from:

  • Personal trainer and exercise therapist
  • Personal trainer specialising in special needs or children
  • Self-employed personal trainer
  • Studio or outdoor personal trainer
  • Group outdoor personal training franchisee
  • Resort or cruise ship fitness instructor
  • Franchisee within a health club

Let’s look at some of these career paths and see what they entail, along with some of the perks that you could look forward to.

Personal trainers can work almost anywhere. They can be self-employed or work at a Fitness centre or boutique gym. As PT is such a growth industry, people can choose to focus on a particular niche group within this industry, such as training children, mature-age or disabled people. If you like working in personal training, it is recommended that you get a grasp on basic business and marketing skills to help your business succeed. At Sage Institute of Fitness, you’ll have this covered, because business and marketing are an important part of the Diploma of Fitness Coaching (10076NAT).

Perks:  PT is a great job for entrepreneurial types – you get to work your own hours, enjoy the excitement of taking a higher profit margin (as you don’t have to split the profit with a Fitness club), and often get to train at different locations. It can also be very rewarding seeing your clients making positive changes both mentally and physically.

Group training, as the name suggests, involves teaching people in groups from anything such as Step or Zumba to Cardio- Boxing or Pump classes. To work in this area, you must keep a relatively high level of fitness and keep yourself up-to-date with the latest group fitness trends as they arise.

Perks: Teaching Fitness classes can give you a real buzz, not to mention keeping you in great shape. Group fitness classes are a great way for you to cross-sell your services. They give you exposure to a large audience, many of whom may be interested in becoming future one-on-one personal training clients.

If you are already working part-time as a personal trainer or Fitness instructor, management and programming can be an excellent supplementary career, enabling you to learn a whole host of industry related skills. Less stressful on the body, you will spend time coordinating classes, organising staff, keeping track of statistics and even helping with the sales and marketing of the classes.

Perks: If you’re the organised type, who enjoys the stability of regular employment, management and programming may be a great option for you! This career path usually involves part-time or full-time employment in gyms or health clubs, so you can be assured of a regular income and paid holidays. There’s room for promotion too. You may possibly work your way up the ranks to a more senior position of a large franchise, or even head a nationwide division.

Owning a business is probably the most challenging of all options in the Fitness industry. It can be demanding, but if you have the experience and the right business skills, the rewards can be tremendous. It is usually a good idea to have worked in the Fitness industry for some amount of time before you make the serious commitment of owning your own business. Experience matters.

Perks:  If all goes well, you can look forward to feeling a huge sense of achievement and pride as well as significant financial gain. You can pick and choose the staff you want, make business decisions and work the hours you want.

Sage Institute of Fitness – it’s more than a job, it’s a rewarding career.

Vicki Tuchtan

Vicki Tuchtan

Vicki Tuchtan is the Academic Director at Sage Institute of Education. She oversees learning processes, teaching outcomes, resources and course development. A passionate advocate for bettering standards of training in Australia, she is currently writing her PhD thesis on defining quality training in the Australian vocational education sector.
Vicki Tuchtan

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