Diploma of Fitness Coaching (10067NAT)

The Diploma of Fitness Coaching is an industry recognised diploma like no other! Entirely unique to Sage Institute of Fitness, we are the only provider in Australia to provide this cutting-edge diploma course. Want the best start to your career so you can go further with YOUR fitness career? Get qualified at Sage Institute of Fitness, Australia’s leader in Fitness Coaching.


Sage’s fitness diploma has been designed to set your foundation knowledge, skills and training apart from your competitors. A Fitness Coach demonstrates the skills and knowledge required to design, collaborate, facilitate, adapt and coach long-term programs to improve the movement performance of a range of clients. Fitness Coaches work with clients on a regular, long-term basis empowering them to set and achieve long-term training goals to continually improve their overall wellness and quality of life.

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Sage’s fitness diploma qualifies you as a fitness coach and personal trainer, and encompasses the following qualification:


  • Diploma of Fitness Coaching (10067NAT)

A long and prosperous career in the fitness industry is both rewarding and fulfilling; providing you with options for employment in a variety of settings and locations including fitness centres, gyms, pools, community facilities and in open spaces. The great thing about a career in fitness is that the skills you learn with Sage Institute of Fitness are transferable, and recognised across Australia.


The Diploma of Fitness Coaching consists of the following learning clusters:

  • Induction to the Fitness Industry
  • Screening your Client
  • Informing your Programming
  • Functional Anatomy and Physiology
  • Human Biomechanics
  • Movement Analysis
  • Nutrition for Everyday Living
  • Nutrition for Performance
  • Myofascial Slings
  • Mobility, Flexibility and Activation Concepts
  • Fitness Coaching Concepts and Tools
  • Fitness Coaching for Behavioural Change
  • Injury Management Concepts
  • Advanced Fitness Testing and Conditioning
  • Business Opportunities in Fitness
  • Fitness Finances
  • Fitness e-marketing
  • Fitness Sales
  • The Professional Fitness Coach

For full course details and further information about the personal training courses offered by Sage Institute of Fitness, please download the course information flyer:

Course Information Flyer – 2017


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